Wsus client not reporting but updating

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In addition you have to disable strict name checking on the new server so it will accept connections by more than one name.

We have issues across our company that 1709 users with Windows 10 are not getting updates from our WSUS server (2012 R2). When we are connected remotely to client PC and run WU manually, WU is telling us that PC has all needed updates and none are available. We can see different version in WSUS than client's version really is (agent version - maybe this is the issue?

I am taking on monitoring WSUS from a previous already configured set up.

Also under 'downstream servers' there is nothing there, which may be completely normal.

However how I understood it was that if the main server that pulls the updates from Windows and pushes them to the domain controllers which should be downstream servers.

Unless they aren't set up as replica servers, would that be the reason?? If you pulled your computer list from AD then most likely the "not yet reported" message indicates stale entries in AD, probably older computers that were replaced, rebuilt, or computers whose names have been changed.

We tried known hot fixes such as deleting Software Distribution folder, forcing service to stop and run again, manually find updates, restarting clients, restarting WSUS, downloading all avaiable updates for WSUS, run diag tool downloaded from Microsoft on clients but nothing helps. ) I hope my description is enough, I saw many forums / users / companies are dealing with same issue but there is not a fix for this yet and also I did not saw a thread on Microsoft about this exact problem yet.

We are also tried to run new 2016 WSUS server but situation did not changed. Windows 10 1709 (16299.309) (WSUS is reporting 10.0.16299.248) Windows 2016 (14393.2125) We have around 150 clients with this issue. WSUS server is reporting that clients need updates but clients are not getting any. Some clients are not reporting back but they are reachable.

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