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And Crazy Town’s top-lining presence was far from the only element of the Sunnyvale lineup that felt like the audience had collectively tripped through a time warp.The first opener, the hazy guitar outfit Teen Body, worked in a cover of Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning” into their set to presumably (as Blink-182 once put it) get the feeling right; the other support act, NYC rockers Grim Streaker, came across as a hybrid of ’70s punk snarl and the type of Yeah Yeah Yeahs–adjacent attitude that could be found at any Lower East Side venue in the mid-to-late 2000s.Harder fare — even bands like Crazy Town, who were reportedly booed off stage during their 2000 Ozzfest appearances before getting kicked off the lineup entirely — typically and capably fills rooms like Manhattan’s Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theater; setting aside the question of whether or not Crazy Town were even capable of booking a room bigger than the 200-capacity Sunnyvale, the mere notion of the band taking the stage in such a supposed hipster enclave was previously hard to conceive. If you’re a childless and relatively well-to-do Brooklyn resident with disposable income and a loose level of concern for how you spend your time, there are probably worse ways to spend it than plunking down the cost of a movie ticket to see the “Butterfly” guys do “Butterfly.” If the word As it does with so much, nostalgia plays a factor in the potential appeal here.With tickets ranging from a pop to for a slightly more upscale meet-and-greet experience, the relative affordability of the show meant that the curiosity factor of the show itself — Crazy Town! We’re fully in the throes of ascendant generations gazing fondly upon pop-cultural artifacts from the late-1990s to the mid-2000s, regardless of taste.

More broadly, as generations age they’re typically prone to reaching for familiarity when it comes to splurging on leisure time (why else do you think Woodstock’s coming back? With no recent music to promote and little else other than their own past to mine, it makes more than a little bit of sense that Crazy Town would play a venue in Brooklyn — or anywhere, really — in which they could attract an audience with the purchasing power to satiate their own nostalgic cravings.

Though he is from different ethnicity, his songs have made effects to many people.

He has always included his family to thank for making him what he is now.

The band’s biggest hit, 2000’s megaubiquitous “Butterfly,” also counts as their only one; despite the slippery single’s cross-continental chart-topping appeal, Crazy Town never came close to replicating its success.

Not even a collab with Rivers Cuomo — who lent his guitar skills to .

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