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Last month, he wrote about Nancy Pelosi’s election as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. “Wow” (好看 hǎokàn) and “Top Stories” (看一看 kàn yī kàn) were two features launched last December as part of We Chat 7.0, and they are altering the way users use the platform. Then, at the very bottom of the article, he wrote a line that never would have appeared just two months prior: “May I bother everyone to click on ‘Wow’ on the bottom right corner?

However, along with being disappared from We Chat, Seeking Arrangement has also been placed under investigation by authorities in Shanghai which announced earlier today that the company has no operations in Shanghai and as been entered into the FTZ’s Lists of Enterprises with Abnormal Operations.

With her audience base, she could have asked for 800,000 yuan (8,694) — more than the cost of a Porsche — from advertisers for a native advertisement in the top column.

“Many We Chat articles feed into readers’ anxiety about work, parenting, and relationships,” said Lǐ Shuǎng 李爽, a researcher at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism of Columbia University.

But hey, even if the company does get completely shut down in China by the end of the week, at least they’ll have gained a good bit of free publicity out of this whole drama.

“Pretending I’m in New York” (假装在纽约 jiǎ zhuāng zài niǔ yuē), a former journalist, has been posting about U. news for more than five years on his official We Chat account. ” For the more than 8,500 of his readers who followed his order, his article titled “The American Senior Who’s Not Scared of Power” would have popped up in their “Top Stories” section, available for comment amongst followers.

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