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In this series, texts that in themselves are valuable for literary and historical as well as linguistic purposes are briefly introduced, glossed word-by-word, followed by grammatical descriptions, and accompanied by a complete glossary, a base-form dictionary, and an English meaning index.

Whatever your needs, your specialized care team is here to listen and work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.Old Iranian Online [2004] is a 10-lesson series in which two related languages are covered: Avestan (lessons 1-6), with texts from the 10th - 6th centuries B.C., and Old Persian (7-10), with texts from the 6th - 5th centuries B. Each language has its own brief annotated bibliography.You may find it easier to use texts with translations, such as the Loeb Classics.Classical Greek Online [2002], likewise, is designed to teach you to read classical Greek texts or to improve your reading knowledge. Old Church Slavonic Online [2003] is written in the same format with the same goals in mind.

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