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Even though you are only updating a single record, the Get Items action could potentially get multiple records.

As long as you are using a field that uniquely identifies the single record you want to change, this will work.

You want to make sure you have mapped the fields from your source to any field that should be updated.

There’s three files that are included in that package: All you need to do is run the package, and it’ll take care of the rest.Luckily, these are fairly well known within the Share Point community, and they’re even listed on the Hardware and software requirements for Share Point 2013.Of course, it’s easier to just look at this list (Thanks, Todd! Once you’ve taken care of steps 1 & 2 above, it’s safe to install Share Point.There is another choice called Share Point – Get Item, which is not the same and will not work for this purpose.In the Get Items action, populate the site address and list name. This filter should use a field in your source that uniquely identifies a record. If the value on which you are filtering is a string, you’ll want to put single quotes around it.

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