Updating septic system

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The gravel in each trench holds a perforated distribution pipe in place for distribution of wastewater throughout the trench.

The spaces between the rocks allow wastewater to move through the trench into the soil.

This is what makes prices all diffrent He can give you a idea how you will do.

The rite engineer can help control cost to by working within your property setbacks to effect costs. Not sure, but I'm thinking it was either replaced or updated before we bought the house in 2004. Not looking to resell if we do the addition, but were just wondering if we would have to run another pipe of something...

The amount of select fill you need for feald can really add up if perk isnt good. He knows land in this area so he can give a you a good ballpark figure just by knowing your lot & block.

Some areas are know to perk to fast others to slow.

This area of the Environmental Health Department website will explain specifics regarding wastewater treatment and septic tank issues including system descriptions and permitting topics.

Septic tank risers are commonly made from polyethylene, PVC or concrete.All homes in Story County that are not connected to approved municipal, community, or group sewer systems are required to have private sewage disposal systems.Any new construction or renovation projects that include the installation or alteration of wastewater generating facilities are required to aquire a permit and inspection to ensure proper system placement and sizing.A soil test (generally 0 to 0) will be necessary to determine the soil’s drainage capability, the average high groundwater mark and signs of bedrock.Understanding these soil conditions, as well as terrain, home placement and well placement will enable an experienced engineer to design a septic system appropriate for your site.

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