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While I personally prefer to do it that way, for most people I would recommend doing what Dorkus Nimrod says and load the entire map on the SD card. The only caveat you need to let your daughter-in-law know is that it will take the 200 a bit longer to boot because it has to read from the SD card, which is a bit slower.If you connect your GPS to your computer and look at the GPS through the File Manager (or My Computer), you'll see a directory structure on the GPS.Requirement is that the device has the latest version of software. $ ls -ld /mnt/sdi1/Garmin/* -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1317306368 May 22 /mnt/sdi1/Garmin/-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 68421632 May 22 /mnt/sdi1/Garmin/-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 455442432 May 22 /mnt/sdi1/Garmin/Track logging only available in software version 3.40 as a hidden feature and was removed in later versions. Battery life supposedly 3-5 hours, tested to be at least 3 hours.For track recording in other software versions, see Garmin Nüvi Track Hack Track logging available in software version 2.50 and 2.70. If connected to a Windows, Linux or OS X computer, the Nüvi 205 is shown as an USB mass storage device, the GPX file is located in folder Garmin\GPX\. Advantages More info may be at https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/30271/openstreetmap-for-nuvi-nuvi-1370t Garmin Nüvi 1390 T pro tested.I am trying to update the maps on my daughter in law's nuvi 200.I could not download the updated map to the nuvi, because it does not have enough space.There is a "Garmin" folder that has sub-folders called "Help", "Text" and "Voice" (among others).IF you only use the English language, you can delete all the other files in those directories.

Just go to the Where Am I screen (by tapping on the vehicle symbol in map view mode or selecting "Where Am I" in tools menu).You have to go to Settings/Map&Vehicle/my Maps to enable the map. System/ is a hidden folder: in order to access it, you might need to configure your file manager to show hidden files or to type the path directly.If you do not have enough space on the internal memory to add your map, you can replace the existing . OSM Maps for Garmin create with mkgmap are working even with routing if stored as Garmin/on external SD Card.This procedure doesn't work on Nuvi 760 with firmware 4.9. Works fine with OSM maps and also with the free routable maps from perut ( Diagnostic mode with logging can be reached via pressing the speedometer (see above) some five to ten seconds.The 1390 T has a slot for a micro-SD card, an 8 GB card works. Routing works fine, but it's not possible to enter addresses, so need to select from screen, or existing POIs.

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