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The maximum amount of memory is determined by the CPU (and motherboard revision number).Late 530 had quad-core CPUs and those are the only ones in the product line to support up to 8GB RAM (4*2GB, if I'm not mistaken).- Motherboard's references up to G33M02 (Dell p/n 0RY007) support 4GB only.Therefore: Only the combo G33M03 motherboard (Dell p/n 0FM586) quad-core CPU Ubuntu 64-bit can really work with 8GB RAM in a Dell Inspiron 530.

Alas, the only page with memory on it doesn't seem to be anything with an editable menu.There are several customer reports about devices tending to overheat and shutting down randomly.The Dell Inspiron 518 and Dell Inspiron 519 are similar machines with the main difference being that the Dell Inspiron 518 uses Intel central processing units while the Dell Inspiron 519 uses AMD central processing units.You should also find the bios changelog to know the diffthat doesn't mean the memory controller on the mobo can physically address all of it and make it usable to the OS @Temjin -- thank you for the info.Do you know how I can verify whether the motherboard IS able to use all the RAM?

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