Uber centenarian dating

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I was given permission to bring him to a studio session at 20th Century Fox where we were scoring a major movie. The latter had Ricci performing Kreisler’s fake Vivaldi concerto as soloist and my old man was sweating as the little Paganini expert wasn’t having one of his best nights.

My dad’s ear was as phenomenal as ever in his final years.

After my mom was stricken with Alzheimer’s, my dad would visit her in the hospital every day but still take time off for long trips here. I returned for her funeral and then brought my dad back with me for over a month. What could I say as there was no fooling the old connoisseur of music.

He clearly felt at home with us; the two little granddaughters absolutely adored him, as did the two older ones who would try to see him regularly, too. I took my dad to an opera, not his favorite art form, and after hours of sitting there he was more than ready to come home.

Music must have played a large part in his interest in his youngest.

I had just turned five and while he and my mom were taking a walk in the cool late autumn weather, his violin came out of its case and when they walked in, I proudly declared “see what I can do” and played a melody in higher positions as the full-size instrument was too big for me to play in first.

It was exactly a year ago when my wife’s cell phone rang in the morning and I answered it, not something I would normally do. In the Finnish way of counting days it was 9.10.11., a perfect date to remember.

The message was somber: my brother had just received a call that our dad had taken his afternoon nap and didn’t wake up. I used up over a quarter of frequent flier million miles on Delta and flew the long distance to my father’s funeral, coming back in three days.

My dad started laughing and he seemed to be trembling.The studio work seemed very strange at first as did the free-lance scene in general.Money was plentiful although I missed the regular vacations of Europeans.All of a sudden I felt my own age and mortality which now had to be accepted differently from before.Our relationship had been quite different from what my two siblings experienced.

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