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While the ship was quite intact, all crew members vanished and never heard of again.

1945 - Flight 19: They were training aircrafts of TBM Avenger bombers of US Navy that went missing on Dec 5, 1945 while flying over the Atlantic.

Such incidents of disappearances have been known since 1600s and continues to take place in present time.

While there are various explanations and theories behind such incidents, in many cases the incidents have remained unexplained.

Over the past centuries, many ships and air planes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic ocean known as Bermuda Triangle.

In several cases, no trace of the ships and aircraft were found even after extensive search operations were carried out for hundreds and thousands of square miles in the ocean.

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All are clueless as to what may have happened to it.

Bob himself was a great pilot with over 5,000 hours of flying experience.

The plane's tank was full and the flying distance to Freeport was only 110 miles, so shortage of fuel was never a problem.

Ellen Austin transferred some of its crew onto the other ship and attempted to sail with it to New York. Later it re-appeared, but again without a person on board. It went missing without a trace with a crew of 309, sometime after March 4th 1918 and after departing the island of Barbados. Deering: This was a 5-masted commercial schooner built to carry cargo.

On January 31, 1921 while returning home to Maine from Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, it was found wrecked at Diamond Shoals located off Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.

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