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In the common room there was a videotape of ‘Dazed and Confused.’ You’d think it was made in the 1970s, but it was made in the ‘90s.And ‘American Graffiti’ was made in the ‘70s, about the 50s.I just finished a movie with Richard Gere, ‘The Double.’ When the director and the producer started having a conversation about budget I was like, ‘I’ll be in my trailer. ’ It was nice to be able to vacation that way.” Q: Now you know all the work that goes into it. There were a few times we were on the verge of getting canceled.A: “I used to think I was working hard on a movie set. And when you learn the realities of how hard everyone’s working to make these movies come together, it makes me more thankful for the ones I’m not producing.” Q: Are you still in touch with your “That 70s Show” cast? That specific time period was hard at the beginning because we were learning how to act and working hard to make a hit show. Now, Mila (Kunis) is having a great year with ‘Black Swan’ and Ashton (Kutcher) just had ‘No Strings Attached’ come out with Natalie Portman. And for the first time he is producing a film through his company Sargent Hall Productions, named after his dormitory at boarding school.The film, which also stars Anna Faris, Tony Award winner Dan Fogler and Australian actress Teresa Palmer, follows a group of recent college graduates over the course one night as they indulge in reckless behavior. A: “The original studio we did this with (Universal Pictures) had a problem with all the cocaine in the film.

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) - He’ll likely forever be known for his role in TV series “That 70s Show,” but Topher Grace has carved out a solid feature film career in movies such as “Predators,” “Valentine’s Day” and “Spider-Man 3.” The 32 year-old actor now stars in the comedy “Take Me Home Tonight”, which is set in the 1980s.

What I wanted from this film personally was to be able to say that in 2020, the five actors in this film are going to be million movie stars.” Q: Does Sargent Hall have any other films waiting?

A: “I think we’re going to wait until an idea strikes us that we are as passionate about as this one.

During the segment “shoot, shag or marry,” Teresa said she knew would be asked about her ex-boyfriends.

She didn’t hesitate with her answers and immediately said she would shag Russell, marry Topher and reluctantly shoot Adam.

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