Tcg error file updating

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If the firmware process is interrupted your solid-state drive may not function properly.

UEFI-based Systems: During validation of this firmware update we noticed instances where our update tools do not recognize the SSD with some systems using UEFI.

irmware for the M550 (all form factors) is being updated from version MU01 to MU02.

If you have more than one m4 in your system, note that the Windows Update Utility will update all eligible drives automatically.Window 7 instruction guide Window 8 instruction guide Boot file instruction guide Firmware for the m4 SSD is being updated from version 04MH to 07MH.Firmware 07MH is recommended for anyone currently running 04MH or previous firmware releases.So I'm not entirely sure why it's sending that command in the first place other than if it's using the "Opal" / Microsoft e Drive spec for automatic encryption.The SSD I'm using (Plextor PX-M5M) does fully support the Opal specification, but I do not have a TPM, and as this is a desktop PC it doesn't support Connected Standby, two features that previously were requirements for automatic encryption on Windows 8.1. For what it's worth, my first thought was actually that the SSD or the m SATA slot it is installed in were the cause.

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