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Here’s five reasons why computerized apps like Tinder are the new Cupid …

and why every woman should give online dating a try.

Have you ever considered your dating options at school or work and sighed to your best friend, “Where have all the good men gone?

” Apps like Tinder can’t answer that question, but they can open up a world of new options.

“It’s the place people go to look for a date that leads to a relationship — period. It’s a hundred percent acceptable to reach out and say, ‘hi,'” she says.

So we can meet people who we might have a lot in common with, yet would not run into in our normal daily lives.” Apps like Tinder don’t just increase the quantity of dates you can go on, either.“These apps are great if you are very busy and have a hard time getting out to social events, where you might meet single people,” she says.“Also, while traveling for work or play, especially if you travel alone, the apps can be a great way to connect with people who live in the locale where you are traveling.” Julie Spira, an online and mobile dating expert and CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, agrees that Tinder’s wide reach and flexibility are its biggest benefits.Ever since it launched, Tinder has had the reputation of being the app for hookups.In fact, its CEO Sean Rad even spoke against this misconception in 2015, saying that the results of a 300,000-user survey found that 80 percent of Tinder peeps want a real relationship.

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