Signs you re dating a pathological liar

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of liars in the world.

And when you're single, your bound to come across one sooner or later when dating.

However, it is obvious that such expectation is pure “illusion” because all of us lie.

However, no matter how insignificant a lie is, it doesn’t change its essence.

If you’re wondering if you’re dating a liar, it’s important to take a closer look at his or her actions, rather than his or her words.

For example, your partner may make a wide range of different promises to you, such as vowing to take you on an exotic trip to the Bahamas or promising that he or she’s going to pay you back for rent.

When you’re dating a liar, this person will deliberately try to keep you in the dark so that you don’t really know what he or she is doing when you’re not around.

In many instances, your own natural instincts can help to clue you in that your partner is hiding things from you, cheating on you, and keeping you in the dark about different aspects of his or her life.

And when you're trying to figure out if you're with a liar, it's vitally important to trust in yourself.

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People often sincerely hope that they hear only the truth.

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