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And it gives a nod to an obscure art space that served as an important proving ground. I changed some stuff to make it more cinematic — I personalized it — but it was based on things I saw.

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Of the era, he says: “It felt like freedom.”The thing with Mexico is that it was a dictatorship, but it was expressed so differently from anywhere else in Latin America. They would put people in a factory and then they’d close the doors and do this unbelievable [stuff]. They came to Mexico City in the ‘80s and were very influential.

I tried to reproduce a version of a performance they did in the film where they are breaking cars; there were people throwing blood. That was all in a house that belonged to the Quiñones brothers — la Quiñonera — and it became really important to everything.

In the decade before Mexico would open itself to the world, it is a moment of stifling isolation.

In the midst of this, a disaffected 17-year-old named Carlos is discovering new worlds in an underground art and music scene where suffocating societal mores do not apply.

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