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These are the same judges that knock Pro Se litigants out of court all the time for violating any rule about filing deadlines, reply deadlines, fee payments, discovery deadlines, and many, many more.Yet, here we have a longtime judge so incompetent that he can’t understand the rule in his own hand. At what point does a State Trooper think it’s okay to harass the ex-boyfriend of his daughter?Birds of a feather flock together, does that count for scumbag lowlifes as well?After 30 years working on a green card Strand likes American Money and lifestyle but avoids becoming an American Citizen.By Editor: In Kittery we have a six foot six inch Viking, heir to a Norwegian oil fortune, with a mother listed as one of the wealthiest in Norway (see photo below), a woman beater, and an accused rapist that has a multi-million dollar estate on a Norway fjord (see photo below).It starts with the Viking pinning her down with his knee while he held her hands over her head and pushing her towards the stern and close to pushing her overboard, on their sailboat tied to a mooring in Pepperrell Cove, Kittery.The police come to the waterfront, rescue the woman, and arrest her on the dock, handcuff her, and take her to Kittery P. Could you find a non-Hunter Douglas product to buy and not enrich any company that employs Toralf Strand?Sources report that when Strand’s not manhandling the girlfriend around, stalking her young daughters and video recording them and their friend through an open window, Strand’s mismanaging the couples finances to the point they may lose the house (and numerous notices from the I. S.) that Strand’s rich mother paid for by a loan to her scumbag son that Strand never paid back, and gave half of it to his partner by deed.

What changed that caused all of this off the rails and off duty reckless and career ending misconduct?FTM could not load the entire photo of Strand's penis because the hosting platform won't allow porn postings.of May 60 Minutes ‘news show’ did what can only be described as a half-assed report on crypto currency, that was out of date by the time it aired.Big news flash, the Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman didn’t think crypto was any good.This from the crew that prints hundred dollar bills like other companies prints wallpaper. You can’t buy toilet paper in Venezuela, even with Bitcoin. AOC ought to spend a week there using her hand like the population does.

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