Rules for dating northern men marc andre grondin dating

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If a pregnant woman gets on a bus or train in the North, it’s likely that someone nice will give up their seat so she can sit down. The hardest men in the entire south, such as Vinnie Jones and Ross Kemp, could still be beaten by the weakest, most malnourished child from the North.If a pregnant women gets on a bus or train in the South, everyone will bury their heads deeper into their broadsheets, pretend they haven’t seen her and mutter to themselves, ‘Well, she’s made her own bed and now she’s got to bloody well lie in it.’It’s a proven scientific fact that northerners are harder than southerners. Even the words they use to describe hard people like ‘naughty’, ‘handy’ and ‘tasty’ sound soft.Try to turn out of a side road in the North and a fellow motorist will stop, give you a thumbs-up and let you onto the road. All of which might seem implausible to southerners who, despite being shoved into close physical proximity in their overcrowded bit of the island, act as if everyone around them is a hologram.Try to turn out of a side road in the South and you’re likely to get a different hand gesture altogether. It makes you wonder why hermits bother to find caves when they want to escape from human contact.Needless to say, none of their patrons were soft enough to take them up on the offer, with most locals waiting until at least the following Tuesday to strain their greens.I know this sounds crazy, but in the North it’s actually possible to hold down a job by putting in less than seventy hours a week.Register for free, share as much or as little as you'd like and become part of a quickly growing online community.

But you should be aware of a few genuine differences between the inhabitants of these two regions.

If they really want to achieve complete isolation, the best thing they can do is sit on a crowded rush hour tube and try and start a conversation.

A pub in Newcastle once offered customers free use of the toilets with every five pints of lager they bought.

So contrary to the stereotype that we only use baths to store coal or ride down hillsides in, most northerners are actually cleaner than their sweaty southern counterparts.

We don’t have to cram ourselves into trains and buses so tightly that we catch diseases off each other.

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