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Ongoing global warming is now affecting migratory cycles in a large variety of taxa in seasonally variable environments.Disruption of migratory systems can cause population decline and affect ecosystem function across the globe.

Males are therefore expected to track the green wave closely during spring migration to optimize resources gain, while females are expected to be less risk prone seeking sheltered habitat.We investigated the effects of the year of birth (cohort effect), sex and birth date on the variations observed in birth weight and postnatal growth rate in 209 newborn fawns marked during eight consecutive fawning seasons from a highly productive roe deer population under good nutritional conditions.Roe deer exhibited a fast body development with a birth weight of 1628 g and a postnatal growth rate of 139 g/day constant over the first 20 days of their life.When fewer than 5 days with rainfall over 5 mm occurred in April, fawns were heavier.High temperatures during April and during the winter could also be involved in fast body development of roe deer fawns.

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