Quicken security prices not updating

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Optionally, it can automate the import of the prices in Quicken by using Windows automation Send Keys method. There are two ways of doing this: 1: Google Docs Spreadsheets can be used for current quotes using the GOOGLEFINANCE function, such as in this example spreadsheet.

This supports a wide range of ticker symbols from US and non-US exchanges, as well as currency exchange rates.

You can also navigate through the streamlined web dashboard, which includes much of the same information as the desktop version but is easier to navigate.

Other fixes and additions include: These are Quicken’s newer features, but here’s a rundown of the basics you can expect from this well-known platform: The first tab on your Quicken interface is the Home tab.

From what has been reported elsewhere on the web, shares and mutual fund price downloads in UK are priced differently – shares in pence, funds in pounds (or vice-versa? So QImport P provides the /div100 option which can be used when needed.

For example, Quicken 2006 has been unable to download updated stock prices since April 2009.

The QImport P package is placed into Public Domain.

Here, we’ll walk through the general pros and cons of Quicken, who it’s best for, costs, new features, add-ons and a walk-through of features for Quicken 2019. So it’s something of a dinosaur among budgeting apps.

Quicken 2006 itself installs on even the latest Windows 10 (2016) just fine.

[As an aside, it is just amazing that Windows 10 has kept compatibility alive for old software – Quicken 2006, as well as the Send Keys method used by the script below! ] There is certainly no technical decision to disable automatic stock price updates – it is just a marketing push, so make people upgrade even if they do not desire to move to a new version.

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