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The Puritan English Parliament banned Christmas in 1647 and it did not become a recognized public holiday in Scotland until 1958.However, according to Andrew Halliday, in his 1833 piece Christmas in Scotland, Scots were not discouraged from celebrating Christmas.In 1977, the influence of the music and subculture became more pervasive, spreading worldwide.

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As symbols of protest, swastikas are no less fatuous than flowers.

Once we’ve crowned a winner we will teach you some trick shots, ever fancied throwing two axes at once?

Then it’s time to get some photos to remember us and celebrate with everyone else.

Halliday wrote “We remember it stated in a popular periodical, one Christmas season not long ago, that Christmas-day was not kept at all in Scotland.

Such is not the case; the Scots do keep Christmas-day, and in the same kindly Christian spirit that we do, though the Presbyterian austerity of their church does not acknowledge it as a religious festival” Halliday’s 19th century account went on to describe festive sowens (sweetened oat gruel) ceremonies, “beggars” (actually “strapping fellows”) singing yule song, dances and card parties and children’s teetotum games.

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