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Besides chat, you can utilize the Letters feature to write lengthy messages to women and have a more in-depth conversation.The chat feature is useful for quick and fun conversation, and maybe to ask for a woman's locked photo album password that's on their profile, while letters are good for getting to know someone more intimately.

It should be noted that the women on Ru-Brides are not exclusively from Russia; instead, they are from various surrounding European countries as well, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Latvia.

Should you meet someone who you want to show appreciation for through a gift, you can do that too, with the purchase of credits of course.

But the gifts on Ru-Brides are actually well thought out and can be worth the money if you genuinely like someone and want to take the relationship further.

One of them that we're going to dive into to find out how it truly works is international dating service Ru-Brides.

If you've heard of it, then you're probably interested in if it's worth your money or not. You can actually browse all of the women's profiles on Ru-Brides without even registering yet.

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