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We all have some ridiculous stories from dating on Ok Cupid and Tinder; the funny thing is that we never tire of hearing them, or telling them. Everyone I know who has ever met someone from the internet has had a few successes, a few failures — and then there are the true horror stories.

When I was in the fray, I very rarely went on more than one date with someone.

Things started out fine, but it quickly became clear that this guy was a stage five crazy. All he could talk about was how messed-up society is. Or how about this one: my friend Amanda* thought she’d found a great guy online. This one was such a nightmare because it made me so sad— the last thing you want to feel after a first date.Unfortunately, the next day, at our very first lunch date, I discovered that he was nothing like his on stage character. I’ve suddenly remembered I’m in love with my ex-boyfriend and must now leave." Janet met a boy online and after some lengthy texting finally met up on a weekday night in a bar near her work.I appreciate that only an idiot would not have foreseen this. At any rate, in a panic, half way through lunch I stood up and told him I had suddenly remembered I was still in love with my ex-boyfriend. When the bartender clocked eyes on the boy, he said “Oh, back again are we?Crazy people are part and parcel of online dating, but then again — we wouldn’t have it any other way. e Harmony has released a list of first date "faux pas" and "to dos" based on a survey of the best and worst dating behaviour.

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