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Although Buspar may not adequately address anxiety in some individuals, it was approved for anxiety because it is significantly effective for many people when compared to a placebo.

If Buspar doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad drug for everyone – it may work for another individual.

It should also be mentioned that many people find that Buspar takes awhile to work.

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Hypothetically, it would be nice to have a chart of medications with specific criteria comparing each specific drug and showing people which drug is regarded as the “best.” The problem is that the criteria would be considered too complex to adequately determine a specific “best” and “worst” drug.There are several reasons why a person may want to consider Buspar as a first-line treatment for anxiety disorders.It isn’t known to cause any memory impairment, it’s not going to cause you to feel groggy or sedated, and there are no major unwanted side effects or withdrawal symptoms. No medication class other than benzodiazepines are considered universally effective for anxiety.Many antidepressants in the SSRI and SNRI classes are approved to treat anxiety.Unfortunately, many people are unable to tolerate their side effects and have a very difficult time coping with withdrawal symptoms.

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