Ocs presence not updating

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With iframe, presence icon appears in different location away from iframe (top left of screen instead of around center middle where the iframe is located).How can one adjust the position of the prsence icon?I upgraded to Lync and I have the new icons/pop without changing any of the HTML and Java Script.1) How can the presence show automatically on page load, instead of on hover ? If placed in iframe in a server in a different domain, presence no longer appears. Different domain not a problem - ignore 2) in comment above.For our situation, it was easier to change things not to use an iframe that to try to fix the positioning code.Richard, If my memory serves me correctly, either the or should contain the IMNRC call.One example I found after some quick searching was that this is a 2010 site, but it should still work)The is just a blank placeholder image in case presence isn't loaded.

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Or, what is the id or class of the presence icon, so I could add CSS manually ? Have tried using local copies of the SP scripts, referencing them as our SP server. Thought perhaps it might be a cross domain issue, but can't get it to work localhost, dev server or live server.

On checking the js files I realized that the mouseover and mouseout events are defined for the span and embedding the img tag within the span is mandatory. With Regards Prakash Sobhani @Unnie, this code would go on whatever page you want to include a presence [email protected], thanks for the catch on the code.

I updated it include the extra closing [email protected], I've been able to use the above code snippet in IE6-9.

To get some ideas you may want to look at WPF presence controls id=18898 Hi, When I implement this code I get the OCS presence indicator icons (circle) and the OCS drop down to show details, how do I get the Lync interface on icons and detail window? Best regards Martin @Martin, Almost all of the heavy lifting for displaying the icons and the details window is handled by the product installed on the end-user machine.

Therefore, if you have Communicator installed on your machine, you should get the Communicator icons/popup.

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