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Yes I admit it, I’m more than preoccupied by Religion, Race, and Sex.

We have been told to avoid these three topics in polite dinner conversation.

I haven’t really seen someone from my perspective, as a Black American Muslim, explore these themes. Some people have written me directly telling me I should get over talking about religion. Even once someone who expressed ambivalence towards my discussion of FGM.No, my blog is not polite dinner conversation nor is it designed to make us all feel uplifted. I also want to validate an experience that is forged in struggle. Nor am I trying to be a polemic or write entries for shock value.At the same time I think that we as Muslims still need to look at a number of issues.In fact, I often do not take to heated discussion about religion, race, and sex in polite dinner conversation. While my major field is the history of Islam in Africa, my research and studies go beyond Africa. I have a deep interest in Islam as a global religion.My career was inspired by my personal conviction as a Muslim.

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