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In my effort to not care and just be happy and do what I want I have ended up exactly where I didn’t want to be.

Well, chances are they lost their chance at a relationship with that person, sorry to say. Dating in the age of instant gratification is all about selfishness … But I’ve realized how wrong I’ve been and I’ve changed significantly. When you sacrifice instant gratification, you get so much more in return, you get your long term goals. But, there is the danger of putting TOO much thought into it and analyzing everything, I’m not saying do that, but, I’m saying don’t be reactive and impulsive either. For example, just because someone didn’t return your message right away doesn’t mean they never will …

Just let your imagination and mind take over and don’t filter your words too much. Understand that all fantasies don’t have to come true.

The fact that they are fantasies is what makes them so sexy.

🙂 This communicates to the man that you really enjoy sex.

It also saves him the hassle of having to warm you up every time and sort of convince you to have sex with him.

If you truly desire to rule a man’s heart – you have to give him what he wants in bed.

You have to shed your inhibitions and help him shed his.

Religion and moral codes have brainwashed people for centuries and told them that sex is unholy.Don’t do anything without being fully aware of the consequences.Impulsive dating and sex, or dating in the age of instant gratification can have a lasting effect on you, so be smart about the choices you make.It takes quite a lot of pushing and poking to learn what every man specifically wants in bed (Each guy is different) but once you give a man what he really wants – you spoil him for life. Few other women actually have the confidence, ‘the balls’ or even the mental awareness of finding out about and fulfilling a man’s deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.Even if he does manage to create a similar experience with some other girl – it will probably feel a bit contrived because it didn’t ‘just happen’ – he had to work his way towards it.

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