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Discover ASPEN -- the first soft drink with just a snap of apple.You eat an Atkin’s Advantage bar and it tastes delicious.You know some people don't believe in Freezer Fairies.Rated the number one coffee in Uganda at the AFCA Taste of Harvest Competition, these women produce some of the best coffee in the world.Contributed by Richurd I found this offending item in my local supermarket.So, while others have been warming up to the idea of cold, up here, we’re kinda stuck with it.

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Plus we stick something really weird in your freezer like frozen clams.

You know, when mama cooked, nobody could beat the fresh aroma that came from her kitchen.

Celentano’s Italian Frozen Entrees, with the freshness of a home cooked meal ...

The result is an exceptionally well-mannered spirit that doesn’t forget where it comes from.

So you have one for lunch or a snack, and you stay satisfied.

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