License plate dating

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Dates for the various "ND" registrations are then listed.

So once you know the letter code to look for, visit the appropriate page linked to in the righthand menu, and find out more about when that series was used. DLG in particular was used on five separate occasions during the period this data covers.

The facility currently has a daily maximum output of 22,400 plates, but the agency is awaiting the arrival of a new plate-making machine capable of producing 12,000 plates per day.

This site contains photographs of license/ number/ registration plates from more than 90 countries seen "live in action" on vehicles in Norway.

There is also a section for code lists and highest sightings of Norwegian license plates, also with historical data. The latest pictures added can be seen on a separate page.

There are two pages of highlights from recent European license plate history, including future issues. Are you ready to watch the amazing multitude of license plates that can be seen in Norway?

The LTO also said that they have produced more than 230,000 pairs of license plates.

LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante revealed that they have a backlog of 775,000 pairs of new vehicle plates.

Last July 5, 2018, the LTO started releasing the license plates of motor vehicles registered in July 2016.Only law enforcement officers can run license plate numbers, and they have the tools to do so. You probably do not want to call law enforcement because someone forgot to turn on their blinker, but if you witnessed a serious crime, you should report it.And of course, if someone hit your vehicle or something else and then drove away, that qualifies as a severe crime.There are over 600 pages in this section, the data grouped together by registration number location letters.The location letters are the one or two letters of the alphabet that appear on older vehicles' numberplates which relate to a particular licensing office.

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