Katherine scott dating

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She made it to the temple of Mexican jaguar god Tezcatlipoca in a place known as La Iglesia.

She was aided by the Berserkers there and learned she could control them.

(Read More...) Kate told Allison the truth about werewolves as she tortured Derek for information in hope of finding the Alpha and the other Beta.

Kate and Derek were involved in a relationship similar to that of Scott and Allison.

So, after she reconciled with Chris, she turned into a Werejaguar and killed Gerard. The gravestone reads "KATHERINE ARGENT 1983-2011" The night Kate came to town she was chased by the Alpha Werewolf, shot Derek Hale with a wolfsbane tipped bullet and forced Scott into an awkward dinner with Allison's parents.When she was a young woman, she dated Derek in order to learn about his family.She then conspired with a number of people to burn down Hale House with a large number of his family locked inside. She returned to Beacon Hills to help hunt an Alpha Werewolf killing people.(Read More...) She directed her to the French legend of La Bête du Gévaudan and the connection between the beast in the story and the Argent family.(Read More...) Kate taught Allison to use a Taser gun and uses her to get information on her friends strange behaviors.

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