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"I hope we're in the honeymoon stage forever," she told the honeymoon phase." It sounds quite unrealistic, especially when Hough added, "It's a whole mindset, so just do what you did at the beginning if you don't want it to end." Oh, if only it were that easy.

"So if one of us feels we need to have a 'conversation,' we preface it with that. I love you, but you hurt my feelings.' So the other person goes into it with an open mind, versus being immediately defensive.

There's nothing wrong with him knowing she was "the one" almost immediately, but we wonder if she would've been turned off if she were to catch him fiddling around in her jewelry box. This After saying their "I do's," the couple jetted off to a super romantic honeymoon on a private island in the Seychelles, followed by a safari in Kenya.

But there was nothing private about their post-nuptial getaway at all.

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"We had a lot of photos that we took for our private collection, for sure," Hough told Ever since she pirouetted herself into his heart, Julianne Hough has had high hopes for their romance."We were warned not to get up or move while in the [safari] truck because once [the animals] see you have legs, they might look at us like lunch," she wrote on her personal blog.Her apprehension with being so close to lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!Dance is not only my superpower, it’s everyone's.Julianne Hough has been involved in a series of high-profile relationships, starting with a year-long romance with country crooner Chuck Wicks that ended in 2009 and a failed relationship with TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest that lasted for three years before it went up in flames in 2013.

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