Iran pictures dating site

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In fact, the most common type of temporary marriage occurs between a wealthier man and a poorer widow or divorcee.

Although frowned upon by society, temporary marriage has survived centuries of scrutiny.

The duration is set out in the marriage contract, almost like an apartment lease.

Both the duration of the marriage and the dowry must be agreed upon in a private contract in advance.

The bride-to-be cannot be currently wed to another man. Mohsen is looking for his temporary wife on a new site called Hafezoon.

Male users can sort through potential partners by “veil status,” or the degree to which women cover their faces and bodies in public.

It would allow them to remarry, often with a wealthier man who could care for them.

To date, none of these early images has been located.

Richard’s presence at the court is recorded in the 1888 a forty-year history of Iran compiled by I’timad al-Saltana, one of Nasir al-Din Shah’s confidantes.

The marriage can last just a few hours or several years.

When the time is up, a woman must wait two menstrual periods before marrying again.

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