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Like Dominique Dunne, Stratten was murdered by a jealous lover who, like Rebecca Schaeffer's killer, had turned into her stalker.

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She also reportedly longed to end her work for Playboy, but had to deal with contractual obligations.

Stratten and Snider moved to Los Angeles upon receiving the initial interest from Playboy, with Stratten wheedled by her husband into disrobing for a series of spreads in the men's magazine.

Stratten also began accepting acting roles in B-grade productions.

Born Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten on February 28, 1960, in a cow town outside of Vancouver, Canada, Dorothy (along with two siblings) was abandoned by her working-class father at an early age, leaving her mother, Nelly, to raise the children.

Dorothy was, by all accounts, a sweet-natured teenager with a gift for writing poetry and a lyrical and innocent view of life.

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