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Rather than making me look disfigured, or ugly, I'd been told it had instead given me a rather rugged looking appearance in a sexy way, so I'd never bothered with getting it fixed.But there was no real reason to worry about that either.Therefore, I was already climbing the walls from that.Sure...simple masturbation seemed a temporary solution, but the emotional stress I had been through had all but killed any kind of libido I used to have, so even that method of gratification seemed like a distant memory.I wasn't a workout nut by any means, but stayed healthy enough that I wasn't supporting any kind of a beer-gut either.Years ago, I had had my nose broken, which hadn't been set straight, so it was slightly off angle.

I had moved out shortly after that, and had most recently moved into the new Condominium I had found close to the office I worked in.At the moment however, it was the young woman across the small court that separated our respective units that caught my hers as it turned out.Though that too I wasn't to discover for a few days yet. Set in a strip club and following it’s workers and their lives.There’s a lot of stripping and a lot of sex and the women show everything. Here, big breasted Amy Diggins is looking for meaningful love and finds it with a timid peeping tom.

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