Emotions can be self validating celebrate one year dating anniversary

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My emotions had officially taken control of my life.At the time I had no idea that each negative thought was having a compound effect on how I viewed myself and my life.As a young woman with low self-esteem, I didn’t realize that my negative self-talk and sensitivity to others’ opinions were having a profound effect on my emotions and moods.

Tchaikovsky’s ‘Queen of Spades’ had just been performed for the first time at the Opera of St Petersburg, and we were ecstatic about its Hoffmannesque element, notably the scene in the old Countess’s bedroom.

The older and wiser me has learned to be very aware of my emotions and to check in with myself on several levels before allowing them to have the final say.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years to help me manage my emotions rather than allowing them to lead the way.

Leaning into our feelings allows us to be more self-aware and helps connect us to others.

But if we allow our emotions to dictate how we live our lives, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and even have a negative impact on our health and relationships.

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