Did lauren and kent dating

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I’m really happy.” Over the course of the couple’s relationship, The Hollywood Gossip reported that Emmett was married to actress Ambyr Childers, but the two are now divorced.

The ex-couple have one child together, a daughter named London Thea Emmett.

, her relationship came under fire because he was still legally married.

Kent kept their relationship on the hush for a while and fibbed when it came to what her man did or didn’t pay for …

So, obviously, everyone was super stoked about the audition, but then they realized what kind of audience they were going after. I mean, I've put in a lot of work for the past two years, getting my acting skills up to par with my dancing.

So it's been such a challenge, but I love to really surprise myself with what I can do with a character in the scene. The hardest challenge being an actor is getting into rooms to audition. But if I get in, they’re like, ‘I loved the dance you did with Lauren,’ or ‘I love that dance you did with Neil.’ So from there, I have something to talk about with them, and then they can escape from their world of auditioning.

That about sums up The Bachelor finale last night, which played out almost entirely how The Bachelor spoilers predicted. A gut-wrenching 40-minute unedited scene where Arie Luyendyk Jr. Three hours of raw, uncut pain showed us Becca's heartbreak and shock, but what happened next still remains to be seen. Curiously, but perhaps not coincidentally, up until January 16, Lauren didn't post too much about the show on her Instagram.

After hemming and hawing through his final two dates and even the last rose ceremony, Arie finally proposed to Becca ... then immediately continued obsessing over Lauren Burnham and decided to call off their engagement in a matter of weeks. He then went to Lauren's family home in Virginia Beach, Va., to win her back, or at least go down swinging, on January 16.

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I came in, and I read in front of the producers with six other actors, and after that we all had to dance for the part.

She told Us Weekly that, “Producers were like, ‘Would you ever make an appearance on but he’s spoken about this season, so that’s cool.

He remains with no name, but he is definitely spoken about.” Kent then made sure to say that the couple is not walking down the aisle any time soon, explaining that, “We’re in no rush obviously to get married or have kids because there’s still so much I want to accomplish but yeah, I found my person.

I think my advice for the new people that come out is that whatever they want to pursue, whether it be dancing or acting, they just need to know that it takes time. Regardless of what people say, like, ‘You're amazing!

’ — wait until you see it in writing and you're at that job.

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