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Reverse DNS lookups are configured using the 'Reverse Fqdn' property of the Public Ip Address. Reverse Fqdn = "contosoapp1.westus.cloudapp." Set-Az Public Ip Address -Public Ip Address $pip New-Az Public Ip Address -Name "Public Ip" -Resource Group Name "My Resource Group" -Location "West US" -Allocation Method Dynamic -Domain Name Label "contosoapp2" -Reverse Fqdn "contosoapp2.westus.cloudapp." This section provides detailed instructions for how to configure reverse DNS for Cloud Services in the Classic deployment model, using Azure Power Shell.Reverse DNS is not currently supported for the Azure App Service. Configuring reverse DNS for Cloud Services is not supported via the Azure portal, Azure classic CLI, or Azure CLI.Note This article has been updated to use the new Azure Power Shell Az module.You can still use the Azure RM module, which will continue to receive bug fixes until at least December 2020.

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Use the ipconfig /registerdns entry on Server that does not have a PTR record as it should record in the event log success or failure of DNS registration....should also indicate the reasons for failed registration. At this point, the only way to update them is either manually, or going into the correct forward record, on Properties- unchecking Update associated pointer (PTR) record, then going back in and re-checking it.It's pretty annoying when you have multiple desktops that are unable to function until this is done (the most important piece of software uses these records to validate that the PC has been allowed to sign in so that not every PC can jump on our network and get in).On my VDI server, I have pf Sense to create the separate subnet and it is currently set up as a DHCP server.At first, I thought it might be pf Sense, but (and I could be wrong) it doesn't make sense to me why it would be creating the forward records, yet DNS doesn't update the reverse records automatically.

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