Delay in updating basmati grades

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One of our passions is to help younger girls to become interested in aviation, science, and engineering.

We realize that those fields are male-dominated, and want to encourage girls to strive for their dreams, even if they think that they are “boy jobs”.

Our mission is to encourage young girls to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), as well as support women who are planning on attending, and already attend ERAU.

We accomplish this mission through several different activities.

For a higher throughput rate, several pelleting systems may converge in a single crystal- lizer.During the months that we get to communicate with the girls, we learn a lot about them.Our job is to be a mentor or a big sister for each girl, so that they feel comfortable coming to ERAU.Throughout the year, we go to local schools to host events for the students.At these events we have the kids participate in activities that utilize science.

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