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If a younger guy’s friends don’t take his relationship seriously, then they probably aren’t good friends.True friends accept his partner, or at least do their best to get to know her before making a judgement based on age.This is not an issue for all young guy/older female couples.Instead, it’s just a matter of two people and how they handle baggage from previous relationships.The same way a guy dating a girl his own age might cheat on her for a more experienced older woman… [Read: 10 reasons passionate love can be the truest love of all] #5 An older woman targets innocent younger men for sex.

Even if they don’t, they probably learn a few things from their younger/older partner.

If a younger guy has a thing for older women, why would he chose to cheat on her with someone younger?

The idea that a younger guy eventually wants a woman devoid of wrinkles or stretch marks from pregnancy is ridiculous.

It’s also depends on how much they care for one another.

#4 A younger guy will cheat on an older woman with someone younger.

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