Dating mind games women play

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Confusing, I know.# What you should do: She's just played the reverse psychology game and you've lost -- do not pass go and do not collect 0.

Next time, watch her actions as she's doing the dishes (or whatever else she's doing) -- if she's banging things around, then you'd better get in there and help.#Number 3The mind reading game This is usually played alongside the reverse psychology game.

#game on There you have it, 10 of the many games women play. I GET LOTS OF STUF FOR MY HEAD THAN WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO MAKE HER HAPPY...

Now that you are aware of what makes a woman tick in this department, you may be lucky enough to lead a sane life with one. SHE SHOULD GO AND LEARN TECHNICS TO KEEP ME HAPPY TOO AND FOR HER SELF ALONE, BECOS IF U NACK TOO MUCH FOR ME I GO SEN YOU GO YOUR PAPA HOUSE ...

Take your pick.#Breaking through the silent treatment.

Number 5The trading goods for services game She'll often take advantage of this game when sex is on the line.

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If you play the guessing game, you'll likely get it wrong.#Number 2The silent treatment game You know you've done something wrong when she doesn't speak to you and gives you the cold shoulder.

Understanding the opposite sex can be a job in itself, and translating the games women play can make the job even tougher.

Let's face it -- you don't want to be engaging in psychological warfare with any female.

Although she's interested in you, she doesn't want to risk chasing you away by appearing clingy.#What you should do: After a few days, you could call back to make sure she received the message, but after this point, it's up to her to follow up. Asking for your opinion is important to her; she wants to make sure that you find her desirable. Of course, tell her she's beautiful and looks wonderful, whether you mean it or you're stretching the truth. Do whatever it is that she doesn't want to, but teach her while you're doing it.

If she doesn't, take the hint.#Number 9The bait game The "I think I look fat in these pants... But by framing the question as an effort to validate her own opinion, she's baiting you into jamming your foot into your mouth.# What you should do: Don't take the bait. If her reply is, "You're just saying that," say, "It doesn't matter what you wear, you will always be beautiful to me." Corny, yes, but you will have avoided a major meltdown.#Number 8The playing dumb game This happens when she doesn't want to do something. More than likely she knows how to do it, but just doesn't want to.# What you should do: In most of these situations, you could suck it up and do it yourself. This way, she'll have no excuses the next time around.#Number 7The hard to get game This isn't always just a matter of her trying to present herself as a challenge.

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