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We are each doing our best to find love & happiness in a world that sometimes throws us curve balls.

And I console myself with an old saying that I heard from my grandfather at least 1000 times, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

The point I wanted to make, is that we are all rejects & throw backs – myself included.

Otherwise, we would be happily married by now or content to be single & no longer looking.

Regardless of which site you choose to look at or join, the basic premise for all of the profiles is – I’m a great guy who has been dumped on in the past.

I’m not ready for a relationship, but would like to meet someone to spend time with & share some company.

I was never very good at sports & to this day don’t really care to play games where a score is kept. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, but it would be nice to find Mr. most of my friends would argue that I don’t have people skills.

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She must be open, fun-loving, adventurous, no drama, out going, capable of supporting herself & not too clingy.If they bother to post pictures, they are often seriously outdated & it shows.The site generates a little bit of a personality profile for you. However, be warned, most of the men I have met or talked to from this site are looking for an encounter or a fling & not a serious relationship.The kid was always very eager to play & a little heart-broken to be the last one chosen.I can relate to this because it just so happens that quite often I was that last kid chosen.

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