Dating at 50 what to wear

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Make sure the shirt is big enough and long enough to cover your basketball tummy.

Then, it’s up to you and your wife to decide whether you should button one of the buttons to finalize the camouflage.

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A similarly bad look is a T-shirt (or any shirt) which draws in tightly under the belly when the shirt is tucked into trousers that are belted just under the man's beer gut.

When it’s cold out, you can wear a long leather jacket or a windbreaker or anything you can button or zip to hide your stomach. What I am getting at specifically, is your white jogging-tennis shoes. I understand that most guys are hopeless when it comes to fashion, but I don’t think I’m asking too much of you.

Make sure your jacket is big enough that it doesn’t pull through the midsection and draw attention to that big lump in your middle. You can find drawstring sweatpants or jeans with stretchy waistbands to wear under your overshirts and jackets. Rule 5: Shoes Will Make or Break Your Outfit I don’t know how many times I’ve been on a cruise or some senseless tourist excursion and I’ve had to get on the same bus as one or two older guys wearing black socks with white Nikes or white socks with leather sandals. There are sport shoes that are comfortable, but not ugly. In Europe those white Nike things are called marshmallows... "because he's a clueless American male with no taste." So, put on your blue suede shoes… It’s not like I expect you to learn to do the fox trot in stilettos… We just want you to know that the coffee girls at Starbucks are not flirting with you…

" Avoid questions that can only end in "yes" or "no" answers.

Don't reveal a lot of personal information while speed dating. He has written about electronics, appliance repair and outdoor topics for a variety of publications and websites.

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