Dating a blading man

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“I figure they haven’t it let it affect them, so why should it with me?

” Take Care of the Rest of You Losing hair is often beyond control.

I wanted to say a big thank you from myself and Jess.''I'm in my mid 20s and went bald at 21, I thought my life was over and there was no chance of meeting some special.

I was surprised when a woman in her 40s contacted me through email on your site.

Huh, how would I feel when the sunlight reflects on his slippery head and spoils the image?

But wait, I am a guy,(straight- married with kids) why would I date a man in the first place?

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If you have ever used a mainstream dating site like or e Harmony, you'll know what I mean when I say you are against everyone else, odds are stacked against you. I was doing what everyone else does; going to the clubs and bars, but still no luck, then a friend said I should try online dating.

We went on a hot date and its opened my eyes to the delights of older women...

Going bald isn’t painful, it doesn’t cause disease, it doesn’t slow you down or physically impair you in any way. It’s time to answer the question once and for all – Do women like bald men?

As he flies back in forth from London to Dubai to New York to North Africa for the maritime firm he leads, he’s always dressed to the nines. Moynan and every other bald and proud man we interviewed for this story agreed on one thing: Women will always choose the smoothly bald man over the insecure weed who’s desperately hiding his head from the world.

The women who run into him on a daily basis are not worried that he went bald years ago.

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