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Wereko-Brobby anticipates curating the parties will be more of a challenge in NYC."Londoners don't care if a venue's been around for 10 years or it just opened, but New Yorkers care about new places," she says.I point to a guy across the room but he's already talking to someone.She takes a good look at him, nods, and grabs my arm.Wereko-Brobby used to live in New York and agreed the dating scene is tricky.

They also take a look at your Facebook and Linked In to see that you do interesting things and have an open mind.

"We want them to be relatively attractive, but we're not looking for the hottest people in new London and New York.

We're looking for people you'd meet at a party and find fascinating and charming and interesting — that's the key thing.

The words "private", "exclusive", "invite-only" popped out to me on the website. "We're looking for well-educated, driven professionals, partly because that's naturally how the network grew up with Oxford and Cambridge grads," Wereko-Brobby says.

"The second reason is that when I found I was matchmaking years ago, when I asked people what their type was, the first thing they'd say is 'driven', so that's the first thing we look for."Each member needs to apply on the site, which takes about a minute or less and asks some basic questions (college, job), along with whether someone who's already in the club referred you, which helps fast-track you. "There's a degree of attractiveness," Wereko-Brobby says.

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