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If you’re like Cindy or Rob, and you’ve taken a stand for (or against) premarital sex, but you’re not sure why, here are some things to consider.Like many singles, Rob thinks the scriptures on sexual purity are outdated and archaic. “Because I think we should cut those scriptures out.It also forced them both to take a second look at their convictions.As a result, Cindy developed a deeper understanding of truth, and Rob was forced to face the lies he’d always believed.Rob thought it was OK — and even good for dating couples to engage in — and Cindy believed it was wrong from a Christian perspective.As their friendship progressed, Cindy and Rob’s opposing viewpoints caused some hot debates.On one hand, the Bible says that sex causes “two people to become one.” Therefore, it’s more than just a physical act, it’s also a spiritual encounter (Mark 10:6-9). Patricia Love, the author of writes that a feeling of intimacy is created by a “chemical cocktail” that is produced in the brain during sex and stays with each person for up to 24 hours after intercourse.Perhaps this physiological bonding is what Rob was referring to.

A prostitute may expose her body, but her relationships are hardly intimate.” cited a study of 100,000 women that linked “early sexual experience with dissatisfaction in their present marriages, unhappiness with the level of sexual intimacy and the prevalence of low self-esteem.” So what does this mean?

Psalm 103: 12 also promises, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions [sins] from us.” In addition to forgiveness, God wants you to embrace His grace that will help you move forward in life and embrace the promises He has for you with joy.

In spite of your choices, God wants to bring you relational fulfillment.

First John 1:9 promises that if you confess your sins, that He is faithful to forgive and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Note: This includes all sin, and does not exclude sexual sin.

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