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You’ll also need a mode of transportation if you are going to have them driving places for pictures. All you need is some couples and a list of things to do.My younger brother did this for a “day date” before prom his senior year. We broke up into pairs of couples, so it was 2 couples against 2 couples.Wake up at 4am & watch the sunrise together Maybe not first date material, but perhaps third or fourth.What could be better than sitting close on a rooftop somewhere, talking & laughing & watching the sun come up? Have an extravagant brunch at 8am Get dressed up & do breakfast properly.

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Boutique hotels often do a brilliant brunch, but a bit of surreptitious googling should set you on the right track.

So once you get a set of four you jump up and run to grab a spoon, with lots of people close behind you! Just a warning…we have had some broken finger nails and trampled toes. Pudding Pictionary – What You’ll Need: some pre-made pudding, some cookie sheets and hands ready to get messy! Just like normal pictionary one person in each group will be drawing a picture for the others to guess. Put some pudding on the back of a cookie sheet for each person.

Then they can pick ideas out of a hat or it can be done by theme (ex: disney, sports, foods, etc).

It’s a great way to get to know people and spend time with lots of great friends.

Group dating can be so fun if you have some great activities planned. These could also be used for the traditional Utah “day date” before a high school dance. Photo Scavenger Hunt – What You’ll Need: A list of photos (see below) and a camera or phone for each group to take pictures.

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