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In NY either you meet people online or you meet a stranger at a bar. I've done the online dating thing for a while, and run into a few of my online dates socially through mutual friends, or in mutual locations.In Charlottesville you play a longer game where you see the same person a few times and then it's easier to get to know them. The one thing nobody seems to mention is that the young adult population here is very transient.I know the bigger cities will have a larger pool of people to meet for that purpose, but I really like the idea of Charlottesville better than a big city, so I'm torn.Are my friends right -- is dating really tough here? Edit: To expand on things a bit, it's hard for me to tell whether it's bullshit griping or a legitimate complaint.

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When I visited Charlottesville to see what the area was like, I immediately fell in love -- it's beautiful and it seems to have a lot of what I'm looking for.Generally their issues have been along the lines of: I (female) was on some of the dating websites here in town in my mid-twenties and I had no shortage of men. There are tons of single female grad students for sure if you're aren't afraid of smart women.:-) I know plenty of single, beautiful, smart women with jobs if you're looking... I'm not sure I'm looking just yet since I haven't even moved and I'd probably better get my bearings first.Fortunately, Charlottesville escaped heavy damage from the Civil War, so much of its historic charm remains unchanged.Even though the city is relatively small, the area is full of things to do and places to see.

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