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Jeremy, obviously, is very protective of his sister and would probably choose team Matt, if given the choice .Where is the relationship between Elena and Matt at?PLEC: There are going to be a lot of people where, at one point or another, you’re not going to be sure if they’re gonna make it to Season 4. As you’ve seen, we’ve emotionally found a lot of different ways in our narrative to bring people back that we love, for better or for worse. But, this year is not without its emotional casualties. So, if no one is unkillable, does that also include Elena? She’s got a Katherine and god knows how many dopplegangers out there. His survival ties into her appearance, or lack thereof. As they’re all going through some pretty extraordinary changes in their own emotional lives, personal lives, romantic lives and supernatural lives, they’re making decisions about their future and what that will bring, and all those great things leading up to graduation and the choice of whether they will stay or go.When does a character become so essential to the show that they’re unkillable? PLEC: Would I be so quick to write anybody’s death sentence? But, you have to have the risk that somebody can never be seen again, otherwise the death doesn’t matter. I’m dying to tell the Elena with angel wings story for Season 17. And no, there will not be a Mystic U, although that would make a great crew hoodie for Christmas.PLEC: Matt is one of the vestigial representatives of this life that was clean and simple for her.

– I think certainly, should Rebecca be so lucky to survive Season 3, there’s a little crush brewing there, on her side. Prior to that, he was going to build an army of hybrids. Now that he realizes his mother will not stop coming after him, in some form or another, whether it’s her own self or she’s manipulating witches, this is a second call to arms for Klaus, who may have gotten a bit distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses.

, things are ramping up in major ways and, as per usual with the popular show, everyone is in jeopardy.

Love triangles will come to a resolution, heroes and villains will be tested, some big mythology moves will happen, and there’s likely to be tears.

But, there’s still always going to be a concern of consequences for cheating death, one too many times.

It just might not come in the form of a Jekyll and Hyde alter-ego.

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