Bryan cranston and anna gunn dating

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Her relationship with her children, the custody details and her relationship with Duncan are not known to public.

There are no details about the dating life of Duncan too.

She was not accused of having a sexual or extramarital affair when she was married to Duncan.

Duncan was also clean, when it came to his personal life.

He is not seen with any girl who can be rumored to be his new girlfriend.

He did not get married nor is in a middle of any relationship.

They approached John Cusack and Matthew Broderick for the role of Walter White.

The strike led him to write the evolution much more gradually.

It was considered to be the teaser for the drama, but, it created a lot of rumors about them.

Anna is not married and is not in any serious relationship, as of now.

Vince Gilligan said that this was by choice, and as the show went on he actually rejected big-name stars in favor of lesser-known actors.

In an interview, Vince Gilligan admitted that the writer's strike that shortened season 1 ended up benefiting the show.

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