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It is not enough to show that you will suffer severe emotional distress if you have to give up your pet.You have to show that your animal helps you with your disability.Get a letter from your health care provider (your doctor or therapist).This letter should state the nature of your disability and how a service or companion animal is necessary to help you.Food Safety and Inspection Service Regulations and Policies Regulations and policies, federal and state inspection programs, advisory committee reports, directives.Rural Development Regulations & Guidelines Rules out for comment, notices, forms, handbooks, final instructions.

Mental illness and depression are disabilities if they limit your daily activities.A “reasonable accommodation” is a change in rules, policies, or services that allow a person with a disability to use and enjoy their home just like anyone else.The Fair Housing Act requires some landlords to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities when needed.Or, if the animal bothers other tenants or you fail to clean up after the animal, the landlord may be able to evict you. Landlords cannot make rules regarding the size, number, or breed of assistance animals without good reasons.However, landlords can deny requests for accommodation if the request is not reasonable.

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