Alice in wonderland dating game

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By day she can be found working as a server in a local café and by night she takes care of her house and family: her dad and younger brother.Though she doesn't have a lot on her plate, the life she has gives her very little free time.I guess I'll work with…" To get to the menu bar while playing, press ESC or P keys to get it to appear.Note: some programs render the ESC key inoperable when running in conjunction with other programs, this demo included.Will she a cut a new path as a cook's assistant?Will she wipe away her past burdens as a low-level dishwasher? This demo consists of our game's prologue, where we introduce Alison, build the wondrous town of Mimsboro, and give players a glimpse of the Looking Glass a café romance set in a strange, yet familiar world, with loose ties to Lewis Carroll's Alice stories.But this isn't the typical Alice in Wonderland styled story!

Features include: Naïve Sprites is an indie otome game group that's currently developing our first visual novel.A Very Important Date was always planned for a mobile release, but giving free stories to backers for mobile seemed like it wasn’t going to be doable in our last try at Kickstarter because of Apple’s weird policies.So being under this impression, we kept the Stories/Epilogues tier rewards Steam exclusive for this campaign. Google Play’s policy has remained the same, which is great.But Alison's life changes one morning when she wakes up sitting under a tree in a brand new world.Confused, Alison sets out to discover more about her new surroundings, accidentally stumbling upon the Arkwright estate, home of Gwyn Arkwright and The Looking Glass Café.

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